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Verify the Issuance of an Apostille/Legalization

This tool allows you to verify whether an Apostille/Legalization Certificate was issued by the RI Department of State.

Rhode Island uses the same certificate for legalized documents regardless of whether the destination country is a contracting member of the 1961 Hague Treaty. This Certificate is valid in all countries.

Here’s what to expect when receiving a Certificate issued by Rhode Island:

  • The Certificate is affixed using only a grommet. No ribbons, wax seals, or other embellishments are used. According to the 1961 Hague Treaty, these additional embellishments are not necessary.
  • The Certificate is affixed only to the signature page of the document. The grommet will not pierce the entire document.
  • As a security measure, an embossed state seal is pressed in an offset manner onto the Certificate and a portion of the underlying document.

The unaltered, legalized document must be accepted by any country receiving it. You may only reject a properly issued Certificate if the legalized document has been embellished or otherwise tampered with.

Click here to view a Sample RI Certificate.

Verify an Apostille