Entity Summary
ID Number: 000035228    
Summary for:  Med-Care, Inc.
The exact name of the Domestic Profit Corporation:   Med-Care, Inc.
Entity type:   Domestic Profit Corporation
Identification Number: 000035228
Date of Incorporation in Rhode Island:   07-18-1985 Effective Date:   07-18-1985
The location of the Principal Office:
City or Town, State, Zip, Country:       USA
Agent Resigned:  N   Address Maintained:  Y  
The name and address of the Registered Agent:
Address: 100 MEDWAY ST.
City or Town, State, Zip, Country: PROVIDENCE,   RI   02906   USA
The Officers and Directors of the Corporation:
TitleIndividual NameAddress
The total number of shares and the par value, if any, of each class of stock which this business entity is authorized to issue:
Class of Stock Series Par value per share Total Authorized Total issued and outstanding
No. of shares No. of shares
STK $ 1.00006000
North American Industry Classification System Code(NAICS):
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