What is a Certificate of Status/Good Standing?
Certificates of status are available electronically and can be used to verify an entity is in good standing, has been issued a revocation certificate, or has been voluntarily dissolved, canceled, or withdrawn.
A certificate of status can also be obtained to verify a non-resident landlord has registered with this office.
Things to know before you order
  • Credit card payment is required to order electronically. All major credit cards are accepted.
  • By default, all certificates will be delivered by email within two business days. The certificate will be delivered to your inbox from “RI Business Services” ([email protected]). When confirming receipt, please also check your spam and/or junk email boxes.
  • All certificates can be printed in full color and are affixed with a unique certificate number and website address where the certificate can be verified for authenticity.
Placing your order
Step 1. In the dropdown menu next to the entity name, select the desired certificate type and click add.
Step 2. By default, your order will be delivered by email unless you specify otherwise. To choose in-person pickup or first-class mail delivery, type your requested delivery method in the Special filing Instructions field.
Step 3. Complete all required fields (marked with *) under Filer’s contact information.
Step 4. Verify your email address and all filer’s contact information.
Step 5. Click the review request button to submit your order.

To order a certificate, complete the required (*) boxes:
Delete* ID Number* Entity name* Select a certificate typeE-mail delivery
  Note: an enhanced access fee will be added when this request is completed. The total fee will   be displayed at checkout.
Special filing instructions: Enter any details that apply to this request
Filer's contact information: complete all required (*) boxes:
* Contact name:
  Business name:
* Mailing address:
  Additional address detail:
* City, State, Zip code:
  Contact phone number: Extension:
* Contact e-mail address:
  Providing an email address allows the Business Services Division to contact you quickly if your filing is rejected.