Information for using export files

Weekly Export of New Entities allows users to download data on organizations formed in RI during the last week.

Table of Contents:

How to Download:

Download Option 1

  1. Right-Click on the link containing the text file you want to download
  2. Select "Save Target As..."
  3. Save the Text file to your PC in the directory of your choice.

Download Option 2

  1. Click on the link that contains the Text file
  2. Select "File", "Save As..."
  3. Save the Text file to your PC in the directory of your choice.
How to Import Data:

Example Microsoft Access:

  1. Open Access and create a blank Access Database
  2. Name the Database in the Directory of your choice.
  3. From the "File" menu select "Get External Data", "Import".
  4. Locate the text file to import. (Note: Make sure the "Files of Type" drop-down is set to "Text Files (*.txt; *.csv; *.tab; *.asc)".
  5. The "Import Text Wizard" will start.
  6. Select "Delimited - Characters such as comma or tab separate each field". Click "Next"
  7. Within the "Choose the delimiter that separtate your fields:" select "Tab". Check "First Row Contains Filed Names". Select Text Qualifier "{none}". Click "Next"
  8. Choose to Store the Data in a New Table. Click "Next"
  9. You may change how the data is stored, the field data types, and what fields you would like to skip. This step is not necessary and can be skipped by clicking "Next".
  10. Access will then ask you to define a primary key. You can let Access add a primary key, choose one of your own, or select "No Primary Key". Click "Next" when done.
  11. Type in a name for the new table and click "Finish" to finish the import.
  12. Data is now imported and ready for use.